Dealing With a Leaky Pipe?

Take advantage of our leak repair services in Saratoga & San Jose, CA

If you're worried that there's a leaky pipe in your home, reach out to the local plumbers at EV Plumbing in Saratoga & San Jose, CA. You can trust us for quick and affordable leak repair and plumbing replacement services. We'll start by providing thorough leak detection services and identifying the cause of the leak. Then, we'll determine the best solution and give you a quote. Finally, we'll repair or replace the pipe properly.

3 reasons to get your leak fixed right away

Placing a bucket under your leaky pipe might seem like a good temporary solution, but you'll need to call our experienced plumber as soon as possible in order to avoid serious problems. Plumbing leaks can create...

1. A breeding ground for drain flies
2. Excess moisture that can cause mold growth
3. Water damage in your cabinets, floors or other areas

Plus, if you don't get the leak fixed, your water bill will skyrocket. Call 408-442-9132 today to schedule leak repair or leak detection services.