Don't Let a Broken Water Line Wreak Havoc on Your Home

Schedule water line replacement services in Saratoga & San Jose, CA

If your water pressure is low and your water bills are high, you may have a water line issue. Luckily, the plumbing pros at EV Plumbing are here to help. We offer residential water line services in Saratoga & San Jose, CA. After we inspect and diagnose your main water line, we can provide water line repair or water line replacement services.

Running water is a necessity, which is why our plumber works quickly and efficiently. You'll be pleased to know that we don't cut off the main water supply while we work, and we typically finish water line repair jobs in one or two days.

Call 408-442-9132 today to get a free estimate on water line services.

When should you call EV Plumbing?

You may need water line replacement or repair services if you notice...

  • Your main water shut-off valve is leaking
  • Your lawn has puddles even on dry days
  • Your water is brown or rust-colored
  • Your water bill is unusually high
  • Your water pressure is low
If you're concerned about your water line, call us right away so we can solve the problem before it causes major damage.